Grow Legal

Path to Permits


Full suite permitting, site planning, and agency coordination.


Growing starts with plants, become a licensed nursery to clone, sell, and transfer plants between licenses.


Maximize your canopy and get a foot hold in the legal market. Decrease your stress and increase your property value by becoming a licensed cultivator.


Get your product market ready. We can help you achieve this regardless of budget.

As built?

Bring your farm up to code

Licensing Process

  • Location

    Site Evaulation

    We work with you to design your site within the county and state requirements for successful review. Our expertise of county and state requirements allows us to design sites that will move smoothly through the permitting phase.

  • greenhouse site plan

    Site Plans

    The framework of you permits

    Insight Land Planning offers professionally drawn site plans that show all features of your property. The site plan is your biggest investment with a consultant and getting it done right the first time is crucial to your success.

  • grading

    Ground Beaking

    Movin' Dirt

    Let us help you roll out your project successfully and avoid code compliance issues and violations. Our connections with contractors and other professionals will help get your farm built to code so that your business can prosper.

  • state cannabis license

    License Issued

    Enter into the Legal Market

    Expand your possibilities and grow a sustainable business. Insight Land Planning understands the nuances of the cannabis industry and will guide you through the permit process and also help you make the transition to operating as a legal farm.

  • cannabis bud


    Keep Your Permits in Good Standing

    Want to move your hoop house to another spot after the first year? Always make sure to get your site plan and CDFA maps updated to avoid trouble with inspections. Insight can help keep your permits in good standing so you can focus on what you do best.

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